Consignment Guide

Consignment Guide

We would love to consign your clean, quality Furniture and Home Decor! Calgary Furniture Exchange is the "Smart, Simple, Safe" selling alternative. No more waiting for Buyers to show up or strangers in your home. Let us do the work for you!

Just 3 Easy Steps To Consignment:

    Consignment Items require pre-approval and must be in excellent, working condition, from pet-free, smoke-free homes. Please email photos to We'll review your Item(s) and let you know as soon as possible (usually within 2 days) whether we're able to consign them. Please understand that our Showroom Floor changes daily and we generally do not have storage space for Items that cannot fit onto the Floor immediately.
    Once approved, we will work with you to set a Beginning Sales Price and will document your Items and our services in a Consignment Contract with you.
    Your pre-approved Item(s) can be dropped off by appointment. Otherwise we can arrange for them to be picked up in the local Calgary area. We use local delivery companies whose fees generally start at $75.

Let us take care of the rest! Your Items will be uniquely displayed for sale in our Showroom and in our Online Catalogue. We take care of the marketing, advertising, the selling process and offer various services attractive to Buyers: both in-store and online shopping, various payment methods and delivery services, with the goal to sell your consigned Items quickly and at the best market price.

General Terms & Conditions of Consignment

OWNERSHIP: The Consignor must own the Items and have the right to consign and sell the Items.

TERM: We consign for a period of 90 days.

RISK: All items are left at Consignor’s risk.

DELIVERY SERVICE: Calgary Furniture Exchange can arrange with a 3rd party for Items to be picked up and delivered to our Showroom for a fee.

ITEM CONDITION: We consign high quality, clean and functional Items from pet-free, smoke-free homes. While we attempt to provide pre-approval through photos, we can only determine final acceptance when the Items are physically inspected by a Calgary Furniture Exchange representative.

PRICING: We attempt to maximize your value while still appealing to Buyers. We can work with you to determine an appropriate sales price based on historical sales prices of similar items, condition, quality, age, uniqueness, aesthetic value and current customer demand.

DISCOUNTS: The sales price of an Item is reduced every 30 days: 10% after the first 30 days, and 25% after 60 days until the Contract Term is over or the Item is sold. Advertising coupons or discounts used by customers are deducted from the current sale price at the register at time of sale. Reasonable offers are considered by Calgary Furniture Exchange staff, who have final authority on the selling price of all Items.

MARKETING: Calgary Furniture Exchange may elect to display, advertise or sell the Items through other mediums (such as print & online advertising, including, other websites, or other locations).

PAYMENT: Consignors receive 50% of the final selling price of sold Items. Consignor payout cheques are available for in-store pick up on or before the 10th of the month following the sale of each Item, or interac e-transfers can also be arranged.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please let us know in writing if your contact information changes!

CONTRACT EXPIRY / TERMINATION - UNSOLD ITEMS: In the event that an Item does not sell during the Contract Term or if the Contract is terminated, Consignors are required to pick up the unsold Item within five days unless otherwise agreed in writing. After 5 days, the Item becomes the property of Calgary Furniture Exchange may be disposed of or donated without notice or payment to the Consignor. Consignors are responsible to track the status of their Items in accordance with their contract. Please feel free to contact Calgary Furniture Exchange with questions regarding any Items you have consigned with us.

COMMUNICATION: Consignors should contact Calgary Furniture Exchange periodically to check the status of their Items or if your information changes. It is the Consignor's responsibility to ensure your information is up to date and you know the status of your Items. We do not notify Consignor's when the status of their Items changes.

IDENTIFICATION: Consignors are required to provide identification and must be at least 18 years old.

CONTRACT: For specific Terms & Conditions, please see our Consignment Contract below.

Download our Consignment Contract